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Sunday, February 28, 2016


                For me, education is a system which consist of teachers and students. People who we call teachers not about people who school paid for teach us, but we can call all people teacher when they give us some precious lesson to us, it’s can be our parents, friends, enemy, even own memorable experience too. Then, people who we called students it’s not just about people who paid the school to receive the formal education, but it’s also all people who receive knowledge from people who they think give them a precious lesson.

            Education is very important to our future. The good education can make a generation be better than the old generation. Now, the big question is, are we really have an ideal education system? To answer this question, we have to know the criteria of an ideal education system. An education system can we called ideal when the participant of that system can play their role as well as they can, and they can make this if the facilities support it.

            In some countries, we can see some people who can taste a good education in their school and home. In home they have a gadget which can answer their random and unique question with parents who will keep an eye to their kids, so their kids will not use the gadget in wrong way. Not just at home, in school they have a good building too, with a special chairs and table which designed for them, they have many laboratories too, to be a facilitator in their lesson because they have to understand what teacher says, and they have a good teacher too who always support them in any situations. Unfortunately, just some countries which can taste an ideal education system. If we look straight a bit longer we will see countries which can’t taste the greatest of education.

            Like a money which always have two sides, the world have the other side too. In that side, life kids who don’t have a paper to write some words. Many of them who haven’t a house, many of them have to live in one big building and live together with another family who have different disease.  So, if they don’t have home,  how about the school? You already know the answer. There is no gadget. There is no teacher, they just meet a a volunteer to help them find the solution about the disease. There is no comfortable chairs and table, they just have a really bad hospital bed. There is no laboratories, they just have a simple surgery room, with some tools which we don’t know if its sterile or not.

            For real example, in my country, Indonesia, there is a place which the kids who have to pass the bad bridge for the knowledge even actually they have to put them self in dangerous way. But the reason why they do that is because they know the knowledge can me their future be better and can make their parents happy.

             From this conditions, we can know that until now there is not yet really an ideal education system in the world.

            And now if we talk from students side, an ideal education system for us is a system with teachers who can understand what our feel, can make all of us happy, there is good facilities to our education system, and there not any pressure to receive the knowledge for from other people, let us understand it by our feeling and happiness. We as a students need a time too to understand all words that teacher said to us. So the conclusion is if we can get all things that we need, we wont put  the knowledge just in our mind, but we will practice it in our daily life, because that is the main purpose of the education. If we have reached this situations so we have reached an ideal education system too.

            The things that I spoke above not said if right now the education haven’t give any benefit, actually I have to say that the knowledge very helpful right now too, but it’s will more wise if we always make an education system be better.

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