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Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Holiday


            Hello friends! Now I will tell you about my holiday experience. Truly at holiday I didn’t go to anyspecial place, but hope you like it. One day at my holiday, my aunt, uncle, and cousins came from Bekasi to Bandung to holiday with my family. In first day we decided to go to Farm House, one of popular place at Bandung right now. So, I prepared my self as good as I could, but I was so sad because my mom couldn’t join us to Farm House because she was sick. After preparing times, we directly went to Farm House, but badly not anyone from us who knew the way to go to Farm House. So, along the way we juct could ask anyone who we met at the road about which way would bring uas to Farm House. That day we were busy to search the way to Farm House by our Goggle Maps, so that was a silent moment in the car. After that long day we arrived at Farm House, but wait! We couldn’t enter the Farm House because the parking lot was full.

            We very very very dissapointed, but we couldn’t do anything axcepted go home, but really should we just back to home? But, thanks God finally we found another place for our holiday, that place is Rumah Sosis! Maybe for you Rumah Sosis was a bored place, but that was first time to my family! With our happy face we entered Rumah Sosis and can you guess what first thing I did! Yup, right, selfie! After the selfie times goes by, we ordered the ice cream and sausafe. That was very fun to eat together with my family in that beautiful place. We felt very full after ate that sausage, but not my cousin. Maybe because the sausage very tasteful, so he ordered the balck pepper sausage again. And after all of we finished the food, we went to the mushola and prayed. Last thing which we did in Rumah Sosis was take a picture of all of we. We already ate, prayed, and selfie, so all we need were go home.

            Before we back to my parents home, we decided to go to my grandmother home first. It not took really long time to go to my grandmother home because the driver had known the way. Alhamdulillah, we arrived at my grandmother home safely without any injuries or something. Before maghrib time, we had a good time with my grandmother, it such a pretty evening. After took maghrib prayed we went back to my parents home, because tired all of we excepted the driver fell sleep, we had a good night that day. But, in the next day my family from Bekasi had to back to their city. It was a great time. I hope in another holiday we can hang out together again. Thank you because you was read my holiday story! See ya next time!

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