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Sunday, October 25, 2015


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Hello friends! Finally I can write something in here again after a while. Ok, now I will describe to you about my mother’s favorite restaurant. Are you wondering what place is it? If yes, just check it out!

Gokana Ramen and Teppan is one of popular Japanese restaurant in Indonesia. You can find this restaurant in Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Depok, Karawang, Bandung, and Cirebon. If you live in Bandung like me, you can go to Piset Square, Kings Shop Center, Cimahi Mall, Jl. Sukajadi No. 225, Cihampelas Walk, Jatinangor Town Square, Gokana Ramen Bar Surya Sumantri, and Gokana Ramen Bar Merdeka


            The cooking-procession of this restaurant use a “cook by order” method, where a food will be cooked if the visitors order it. And most of the food used a hot plate to make the food keep fresh and hot.

            So, now I would like to tell you more about the structure of Gokana’s building in Sukajadi branch.  



            This picture taken from the front side of Gokana. You can see there is a written of Gokana in big size and there are parking place for car and motorcycle and a security post near the right gate.


            When you enter Gokana Ramen and Teppan the waiters will welcome you with Japanese language and will prepare the chair for you as many as you want. Then, when you look to the right side you will see another restaurant, named Raacha. So, Gokana built on a land which was divided into two restaurants. And if you look to the left side you will see some lines of chairs and tables for the visitors. 


            This picture is the view from the way between the right side and the left side of Gokana. This way will bring you to the entrance door for the costumer who wants to eat in outdoor. Place in the left side there are a wash basin and a cashier spot to pay the food that you order. Then, in the right side there are other lines of chairs and tables and a gate divider between Gokana and Raacha.


            You can see, there is a gazebo with tables and chairs and a big screen to watch movie for you who want to eat in outdoor. In front of gazebo there are two ponds of fish with a little way to connect between the door and gazebo. And the pond surrounded by a plants decoration.


            In the left side of gazebo there is a small door with the symbol of mosque and the written of toilet in front of the door. If you enter the door there are three other doors. The first door is a women’s toilet, the second door is a boy’s toilet, and the third door is mushola door. The size of mushola around 3 x 3 meters. And near of the third door you can find a place to have wudhu with tree faucets. 

            Ok friend, I think it’s enough from now. I hope you will have a nice day and don’t forget to read my other stories. Then don’t forget too if I’m always waiting your comment. Bye, see you next time!

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