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Tuesday, September 29, 2015



            My School, SMAN 3 Bandung has an annual event, named culture festival. This culture festival is a pride of my school. For this year, the theme of this festival was Gamarvani. Gamarvani consist of two words that are Gama and Parvani. The meaning of Gama is journey and Parvani is to the moon. So, Gamarvani means a journey to the moon. Gamarvani invited all Indonesia people especially West Java to appreciate our culture in happiness of the festival.

1.1 Gamarvani 

            Now, I will tell you about the event before and after Gamarvani.

            Gamarvani was held on September 19th 2015. The leader of the committee for culture festival this year is M Ababil Akram with his deputy Farrel D.H.. To make this event success, SMA N 3 Bandung did a very good preparation. Started from open recruitment for students in X grade to be part of the committee. The first open recruitment was on August 21st 2015 and closed on August 22nd 2015. But, 22 days before the event, the committee opened the recruitment again. 

            Many of students want to participate in this event. In fact, there were 200 people who became committee of Gamarvani. 100 people of the committee was from my grade, in which 15 of people is from my class. But, I couldn’t be a committee because in that day my schedule was very tight.

            Gamarvani did many promotions in some media socials, such as in Official Account Line (Gamarvani), Instagram (@gamarvani), and in Youtube Channel (Gamarvani).

 1.2 media socials of Gamarvani

            In those media socials of Gamarvani, especially in Line, the committee sent a story about Nyi Anteh (legend story from Indonesia which told about a girl who raised to the moon) and they also sent about the update news of Gamarvani preparation.

            September 4th 2015 was the first time for pre-sale ticket of Gamarvani which opened at Kalimantan Street (in front of SMA N 3 Bandung gate), started from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m.. The ticket’s price in the first day was 35K. Then for the second until the day before Gamarvani the price was 40 K, and if you wanted to buy it on the spot of Gamarvani, the price would be 50K.

            I was so sad, because until 8 days before Gamarvani, I still hadn’t the ticket. But, Alhamdulillah on Monday, September 14th 2015 I could buy the ticket from my class chairman who joined the committee too. I bought the ticket and it costed 40K. But, those days if you boought the ticket, the committee would give you a receipt. The receipt could you exchangeable to the real ticket on September 18th 2015 from 3 p.m. until 7p.m. at the ticket stand in Kalimantan Street. 

            Six days before Gamarvani the committee looked very busy, especially for decoration committee. For the example, almost half of my classmate should have a dispensation to prepare the event. And, on Thursday, September 17th 2015, when we studied art and culture subject, we had a task to help the decoration committee who worked at rooftop of SMAN 3 Bandung. Then, I felt very amazed with the decoration people, because all of them did a fast moved and look very focus on their worked during the activity. And, I was very happy because I could know what the committee did, although it just the little part of what they truly did.

            Two days before Gamarvani, our class’ chairman, Farras, told us that every class had to send 20 people to join the parade to open Gamarvani in that festival day. If we wanted to join that parade we had to wear kebaya for girl and pangsi for boy. Kebaya and pangsi are traditional clothes of sunda people.

            Because we had to do it, my class had to send 20 people too. But, until a night before Gamarvani, my class’ chairman hadn’t chosen people who would join the parade. So, the class chairman decided to send all of the students in my class who not joined the committee to participate the parade. After knew it, I directly prepare kabaya which would I wear on Gamarvani day. Alhamdulillah, I have a kebaya which usually I wear for Rebo Nyunda in my school. After that, I chose to take a rest. 

            In the day of Gamarvani, I was too late to wake up. I woke up at 6 am, because of that I had to do everything faster. After that, my neighbor accompany me to Bali field, near my school. I got right there at 6.45 am, the parade would started in 15 minutes to go.

            In front of Bali Field, there are so many people gathering. I already knew some of the people but for the others I’m not really sure that I recognize them. There are, some people wore kebaya and pangsi, and some people wore a committee skirt. Beside students of my school, there were students from BPI elementary school to participate in parade of Gamarvani.

            No need long time to find my classmate who gathered near gate of Bali Field. In that time, there were Galih and Fadhila who became a part of Gamarvani’s committee, then Afifah, Lora, Ilman, Erin, and Candy who would join the parade with me. 

            But, until we register our class to join the parade, there only seven students from our class. There are Afifah, Lora, Cendy, Erin, Ilman, Naufal Prata who just arrived a minute ago, and me. You could say, my class is the fewest participate among the other class.  Until the parade almost started there was only Zoraya who came to join us. And a few minutes later we began the parade. 

            In front of parade, there were some policeman who watched us, and at the right and left of parade there were committee of Gamarvani and Kanst (One of organization of my school) to watch us too. Besides that, at behind of parade there was a truck who bought speaker, the speaker was playing a sunda song and then there was a Bandung Tour on Bus (Bandros) too. The passengers of that bus were teachers of SMAN 3 Bandung, including the headmaster, Mr.Encang. 

            After took 45 minutes to walk around my school, we went back to Bali Field. And then, we could take a rest for a while. Several minutes later, in front of my eyes there was a performance of Reok, the culture of West Java. After performed of Reok, the committee led us to enter the Bali Field.

            When you entered, you would go to a place like a hallway. In that place hanged some painting and there was a bunch of rice plant. Then, when you went outside of that hallway you directly could see the big stage of Gamarvani, some food trucks, and food stand. And when I’m arrived in that place the committee gave me consumption such as a banana and others snacks. 

 1.3 Gamarvani's stage

1.4 Map of Bali Field when Gamarvani day

            After we changed clothes, we would like to do food-hunting as my hobby. All of the foods look delicious and same with the beverages. First, me and some my close friends decided to buy drink in one of drink-stand, the named of that stand is Pasco. Pasco has a unique name for the drinks they sell. For example, I ordered the Vanilla Eskimo with chocolates as a topping, we bought the drink with price 6K, and if you want topping in your drink more than 1 you only had to pay 8K. It’s cheap, isn’t it?

            Around 11 a.m. I had already done drinking all of my Vanilla Eskimo. In those times the passenger wasn’t many yet, because the “real” event actually started at 4 p.m. when the guest start and another performer would perform in front of your eyes. Ok, back to my story, after bought that beverage, I really want to buy potato at “Potato and Sosis”-stand, the price of potato is 10K.

            Not a long time after it, my friend invited me to join them to go to cinema and watched Maze Runner 2 : Scorch Trials. I thought that was good idea because I thought there was a little boring if I just stay quietly in Bali Field until the “real” event began.

            The movie was beginning at 1 pm and finished at 3 pm. In the first time I would like to go back to Gamarvani and followed the event until it finished. But, I forgot if half of my money still on my mother hand. Because of that with deep sadness I had to go back to my house. 

            At least I followed the Gamarvani event only until 11 a.m. Although I was very regret I couldn’t longer at Gamarvani, but I was still happy because I can be appreciating in parade to open the Gamarvani event in that morning. 

Although I was not following Gamarvani until the end, but I still could know how the situation of Gamarvani until the night. How? It’s very easy. You just have to check Gamarvani’s instagram account (@gamarvani). In there committee already sent some picture of Gamarvani event, so just check, double tap, and follow. 

1.5 Gamarvani's instagram

            And this is my ending story about Gamarvani, hopes you like it and keep be my regular reader. And, I hope we can meet each other in the next year culture festival of SMAN 3 Bandung. See you again in the next time! 

 First video promotion of Gamarvani

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