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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's Me

        Hello guys! Let me introduce myself. My name is Dewi Asriani Nurlaila, lots of my friends call me Dewi, but some people also call me Dewo, Iwed, or Dewot. I was born on 31st March 2000, so this year I turned 15 years old. Now, I live at Karang Arum street no. 3, Karang Setra. I live with my grandmother, because my parents live a little far from city town, my parents live in Cihideung. And I live in a country which has a citizen who comes different from culture until religion. And I’m one of muslim who live in Indonesia. Now, I’m studying in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. And for your information, my height is 158 cm and my weight is 65 kg.
SMA Negeri 3 Bandung

Like the other people, I have a family too. In my small family, I have parents and 3 older sisters. My father’s name is Tjetje Gunawan Haniba, he is a lecture in Indonesia University of Education or Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI). And my mother’s name is Iin Martini Waluyani, she is a housewife. Then, my first sister’s name is Sophia Amalia, now she is teaching in Daarut Tauhiid. My second sister’s name is Mardya Kamilah, now she is a teacher in international pre-school. And my third sister had passed away when I was 1 year old. So I’m the fourth child in my family. We often hang out together to nature place around Cihideung (place my parent’s house).

            Oh yeah, as a normal person, I have some hobbies such as writing, watching, reading, and hunting food. I do very love with writing because for me, when I’m writing I can visit anyplace I want and I can become a different person in one story. Well, in true life I think it impossible to visit anyplace and become anyone I want in short time. Second, I love watching, because when I’m watching I could feel various feeling in short time. I could laugh, suddenly I could cry, even I could feel angry. I love reading various books, such as novel, comic, and short story, but I’m a little confused with a school book. The last, I love hunting food. I feel happier when I could taste various flavors, and I do terrible loved with spicy taste.

My hobies

            Now, I’ll tell you about my habit at home. First, I usually watch my favorite variety show such as Running Man and The Return of Superman. I also love playing games online in my Facebook. One of my favorite games in my Facebook is Criminal Case. At home I often play with my cousin too.

Criminal Case

            Usually, a girl will very love with pink color, and I’m one of them. I do very love pink because I think if pink is the softest color among the others for me, and I don’t very like yellow color, I don’t know why but I feel a little uncomfortable with yellow. Then, I’m in love too with my notebook, and I will also feel a little confuse without my smartphone. And thing that I don’t like very much is wallet, because usually I put my money in my pocket.

            Like another teenagers, I have favorite food and drink too. My favorite food are meatball and ice cream. The unique and spicy taste of meatball make me love it and the cold and sweet taste of ice cream are the reason why I love it very much. Besides that, I don’t very like black sticky nice, because it’s to sour for me. And I don’t like pure tea, because it is tasteless.

My favorite foods

            As you know before, I love reading, and my favorite novel is Totto-Chan. This novel very inspiring me to write story and to my daily life. Then, my favorite comic is Marmalade Boy, an old comic from Japan, the author of this comic is Wataru Yoshizumi. Besides reading, I like watching movie. My favorite movie is Hunger Games, this movie is very popular now. Now I’m waiting for Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part II to be launched in Indonesia’s cinemas. 

            I have some idols in my life. My first idol is my prophet, Muhammad SAW. He is kind, smart, friendly, and humble person. Besides that, I adore Michael Jackson, the song which he wrote has deep meaning and had good purpose to his fans by hearing that. 

            Back to school, my favorite subjects are Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and Bahasa. I feel fun with all of those. But, I’m a little confused with English, I’m not very good in English.

            At last, I will tell you about my dreams. First I want to be a success muslimah in the world and hereafter, I want to be a good girl to my parents and family, I want to be a good friend to all of you, and I want to be a good and smart student in my school.

            So, I think this is enough for me, nice to know you. Let’s meet again as soon as we can!

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