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Monday, August 17, 2015

My New Friend

            Hello guys! Now, I will introduce my new friend at school . Her name is Mustika Praja Kurniawati, the name has a beautiful meaning. The meaning of Mustika is a jewel, Praja is combination of her parent name, and the meaning of Kurniawati is a blessed girl. Then, lots of friends call she Nia. She was born at Manado, 17 Mei 2001, 1 year younger than me. She ever studied at SMPN 4 Bandung. Now, she studying in the same school with me, SMA Negeri 3 Bandung, and we are in the same class too, that is X Science 7. She lives at Scout Street number G-69 in complex of PPI Bandung. She hold same religion with me, Islam. She has a height 150 cm and a weight 40 kg.

 SMPN 4 Bandung and SMAN 3 Bandung

            Her family consists of a father, mother, and little brother. Her father name is Jajang Kurniawan, he is a Indonesia Army or TNI-AD. Then, her mother name is Suprapti, like my mother, her mother is housewife too. And her little brother name is Kurnia Panji Negara, usually people call he is Panji, now he studying in SDPN Sabang, at 3 grades.

 Nia and her little brother

            Nia like Mathematics very much, because she like counting better than memorize. But, she doesn’t like Physics because in her mind, besides counting Physics need memorize too. So, it’s little complicated for her.

            Her hobbies are playing badminton, swimming, reading, and watching. She love sport very much because since she was a kid, her father often took her to exercise.

 Nia's hobbies

            Her favorite novel is Malory Towers. This novel tell about girls dormitory in London, then her favorite comic is Detective Conan, because that comic has interesting case to solved. And about movie, she admit love all kinds of movies as long as the movie has a good story, because for her a good story will make a good movie, and a good movie will able to us feel many different feeling in short time. But, she doesn’t like horror movie, because she will feel afraid when she watch it. 

 Nia's favorite novel and comic.

            Then, Nia told me if she love green color better than any color. After that, she told me her favorite thing is her cellular phone. Because whenever and wherever she fell bored, she will feel better if there’s a phone.
            But, Nia doesn’t like smoke. Nia doesn’t like being around people smoking too long. And in fact, she feel better to hold breath a while than she have to smoke inhalation.

            Her favorite food is fried rice, and her favorite drink is avocado juice. But, she doesn’t know why since she was a kid she doesn’t like durian fruit. And then, she doesn’t like ginger beverages because the taste is very bad for her.

 Nia's favorite food and drink

            Her idol is One Direction, because they are have a handsome face and have a nice voice too, specially Zayn Malik (but he not a member One Direction again).

One Direction

            She has 7 best friends in her Junior High School, they are Chacha, Shafa, Deshalsa, Zirly, Figry, Chandra, and Daffa. They’re has a friend relationship because they’re always in the same class and sitting near each other, and they’re always talking and make jokes together. Sometimes, when holiday come they’re like to hang out together and go to cinema or restaurant. By the way, Nia favorite place is restaurant because she love eats very much.

Nia with her best friend 
            A country which she want to visit are Japan, UK, and Makkah, she want to go there by her own moneys.
            Her interested experience is when she goes to Yogyakarta with her all friends in Junior High School. When they are in bus, they are singing and joking around together. Then, when night came, in hotel, they’re would spend their time to story telling.
            Her dreams are want to be a banker in Bank Indonesia, then she want to be pride to her family, after that she want all of them happy, and the last is she want make their dreams come true with her own effort.
            Okay, for today I think it’s enough. Nice to meet you! Let meet as soon as possible!

            Oh ya,, I forget about this one. Below is picture of both of us :)

Nia (with her beautiful hair) and me (wear a jilbab)

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