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Sunday, August 30, 2015



One day, Baiq and Dewi were talking about something at Bazaar, a few minutes later Joyce came and joined the

Joyce                           : “Hi girls! What are you talking about? May I join?”

Dewi and Baiq             : “Of course you can.”

Dewi                           : “But first, you have to guess what we’re talking about.”

Joyce                           : “Hem… okay. Please give me a clue.”

Baiq                            : “If you can guess it in first clue, you really doing a good job. So, the clue is, it is a culture festival in our city that will be held on September this year.”

            For some minutes Joyce thinking about the answer.

Joyce                           : “Ahaaa!! Is it Nyunda Festival?”

Dewi and Baiq             : “Yeah! You’re right. You really doing a good job!

Joyce                           : “Yeah, of course I know because I really want to attend that festival.”

Baiq                             : “Really? We’ve been planned to attend that event too, but we have a problem.”

Joyce                           : “What problem is it?”

Baiq                             : “We still confused about what we should wear.”

Dewi                           : “Absolutely right. The dresscode is batik, right? I do have batik dress, but it doesn’t fit anymore. So, tomorrow Baiq will accompany me to my favorite batik store, not far from our school.”

Joyce                          : “Why don’t you borrow my batik dress? I already have two. The colors are red and blue sky. I think I will wear the red one.”

Dewi                           : “Really? ”Then, may I borrow the other one, please?"

Joyce                           : “Sure! It is your favorite color, isn’t it?”

Dewi                           : “Oh my God! How can you know that? But, are you sure it will suit on me?”

Joyce                        : “I don’t know. For make it sure, I can bring it tomorrow so you can try it by yourself.”

Dewi                           : “You’re such a kind person.

Joyce                           : “Thank you. I’m glad you think so.”

Dewi                           : “That’s okay.”

            On the next day, Joyce brought her sky blue batik dress and showed it to Dewi and Baiq in class after finished their task.

Baiq                             : “What a beautiful dress! Where did you get it?”

Joyce                           : “My granny gave me as birthday present two months ago. She mad it by herself. But, I haven’t wear it before cause it’s too big for me.”

            Then, Dewi took some minutes to saw the dress.

Dewi                           : “I really like it!”

Baiq                             : “Yeah, I think so. But, in my opinion it’s better to match it with some accessories. I bought a wood necklace in Jogja last month. Maybe it will be nice if combine with the dress.”

Dewi                           : “Oh yeah? Can I borrow it?

Baiq                             : “Sure, you can!”

Dewi                           : “I just wanted to let you know that I’m grateful to have friends like both of you. You’re so helpful.”

Joyce                           : “Don’t mention it.

Baiq                             : “It’s my pleasure. I’m just trying to solve your problem as you did to me before.”

            Bell was ringing, they went to school park and decided to eat at Bazaar. But, on the way at Bazaar…

Joyce                           : “Guys, now it’s lunch time. Come one eat something at Bazaar.”

Baiq                             : “Uhm… it looks like I can’t go together with you. I have to go class.”

Dewi                           : “Why? Are you going to finish your homework?”

Baiq                             : “No! I just forgot to bring my wallet. You can go to Bazaar without me. It’s okay.”

Dewi                           : “Oh God… Baiq, please! You can use my money or Joyce’s. You can return it later.”

Baiq                             : “Are you sure? I think it isn’t good idea to borrow your money.”

Joyce                           : “It’s okay, Baiq! Come on I’m sooooo hungry now.”

Baiq                            : “I’m so proud to have friends like you are. I hope us will be together like this for a long time.”

Dewi                           : “Ameen, I hope that too.”

            In less than 5 minutes, they arrived at Bazaar

Dewi                           : “Ehm… what do you want to eat?”

Baiq                             : “I think lumpia is the good one.”

Joyce                           : “Wow… good choice, Baiq! I think I want buy it one too.”

Baiq                             : “Thank you. How about you, Dew? Are you going to buy lumpia too?”

Dewi                           : “I think the fries look so delicious. So, I’ll buy it. What do you like to drink? I can order drink for us.”

Joyce                           : “Is it free? Hahahaha…”

Dewi                           : “Yep, it’s free! Because I get some cashes from my online shop.”

Baiq                             : “Oh yeah? By the way, thanks a lot Dewi.”

Joyce                           : “Thanks Dewi! You’re so generous. Uhm, that strawberry juice looks so fresh and juicy.”

Dewi                           : “I’m delighted to hear that, Joyce. Do you want that too, Iq?”

Baiq                             : “I prefer the avocado with chocolate milk.”

Dewi                           : “Please wait here, I will order them for us.”
Joyce and Baiq            : “Okay!”

            After that, they back to the class and attended the Math class.

Baiq                             : “Can you help to solve this question?

Joyce                           : “Yes. First, you have to use the first formula one, then change it to traction so you can find the answer in option.”

Baiq                             : “How smart you are. You can solve this in less a minute!”

Joyce                           : “Thank you. It’s nice of you to say so.”

Baiq                             : “You’re welcome. By the way, have you prepare to take ICT test tomorrow?”

Joyce                           : “Oh yeah, I almost forget about that! The topic is about blog, right?”

Baiq                          : “Yeah. There’s some exercise on Edmodo that has been published since this morning. But I haven’t checked them because there’s problem with my internet.”

Joyce                           : “So, let’s study together after school in my house.”

Baiq                             : “Sure, thank you Joyce. I will invite Dewi to join us.”

Joyce                           : “Great idea.”

Baiq                             : “Thank you.”

            When class finished, Baiq doesn’t met Dewi, so both of them chat on phone.

Baiq                            : “Joyce and me are going to prepare for ICT quiz tomorrow. We will meet in Joyce’s house this noon. Would you like to join with us?”

Dewi                           : “How abour afternoon? I go to music course on 1 pm.”

Baiq                           : “Okay then, I’ll inform Joyce about that. Please bring the text book and some snacks because we are going to watch a movie together too. Okay?”

Dewi                           : “Okay. How about drink? Do I have to bring it too?”

Baiq                             : “No, I will bring it for us. Is it okay for you if I bring soft drink?”

Dewi                           : “Hm… I prefer milk or juice.”

Baiq                             : “Then I’ll buy mango juice in front of school.”

Dewi                           : “You’re so kind. Many thanks for you.”

Baiq                             : “That’s what friends are.”

            Then, they studied together and watched a movie in Joyce’s house. After took the quiz, they went to Nyunda Festival together.

 1.1 Chatting between Baiq and Dewi

1.      Orange color               : Example for complement sentence
2.      Green color                 : Example for offering help sentence
3.      Blue color                    : Example for asking help sentence
4.      Grey color                   : Example for responses of complement sentence

Note: The story and festival are fiction.
Our group consists three, because amount of girls in the class are odd.

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